I'm Joshua, a visual communicator with 16 years of experience living in Portland, Oregon. I enjoy working with passionate brands and individuals who are willing to take risks. I thrive on working with in-house teams for large enterprises and have experience working with creative agencies across the world.

My experience in leading teams for Fortune 500 companies in marketing and product design has shaped how I approach solving design challenges. I fully believe that being empathetic, striving for knowledge, and surrounding yourself with a unified and diverse team is the key to achieving success.

I was born in the midwest but have lived in quite a few places around the U.S. I am an introvert by birth (ISTP) but easily navigate the extrovert world. I love asking, "why?" and playing devil's advocate. I don't take myself too seriously and think that egos can take a hike. My only vice is Minnesota Vikings football. When not on the PNW running trails, you can find me at a water park or going on ghost hunting excursions. I am a cat owner, but love all animals.